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The Vallée de la Gastronomie

The Vallée de la Gastronomie – France® is a tourist destination, an invitation to gourmet trips. Between Dijon and Marseille, it crosses the rich terroirs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. From the ponds of the Dombes to the olive groves of the Drôme, it follows the axis of the Rhône and walks among the vineyards.
A mosaic of landscapes, traditions and know-how, this land of taste and flavors is an unprecedented source of discovery. A picnic in the vineyards, an exceptional table, a visit to an oil mill or a truffle market, a cooking class to learn the secrets of making Pâté en Croûte, and a workshop to make your own body balm using organic lavender essential oil…… Hundreds of gourmet offers and remarkable experiences are selected to arouse the taste buds and curiosity and for an unforgettable experience!
Advocating authenticity, quality and simplicity, these sensory adventures are aimed at all lovers of good living and for all budgets!

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Caving at the Saint-Marcel cave

The Grotte de Saint-Marcel is the scene of a totally unusual encounter. The winegrowers of southern Ardèche age their wines there, creating a natural cellar 80 meters underground, the first of its kind! Thus was born speleoenology®, a new approach that combines a passion for the underground world and that of wine.
After a one hour progression in the depths, visitors participate in a tasting in the dark! The discovery of AOC Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône village wines and local products in the striking decor of monumental cavities and galleries guarantees the quality of a special moment. 

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Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the Valley

From Burgundy to the Mediterranean, the Vallée de la Gastronomie concentrates talent and starred restaurants. All these exceptional houses have in common the taste for perfection and innovation while respecting traditions. Each establishment has created its own universe sublimating the flavors of the terroirs.
Anchored in a secular history, the 3-star restaurant of Georges Blanc has transformed the village of Vonnas into a true gastronomic destination. Mathieu Viannay has been able to revive a mythical place in Lyon. An anthology of Lyon cuisine, the Mère Brazier restaurant is thus reinventing itself. In Valence, Anne Sophie Pic brilliantly honors her hometown creating a whole sensory world around her passion, from the gourmet restaurant to the food truck, including the grocery store, the brasserie and the cooking classes ...
Gourmet restaurant, Tea room and shop, Le Clair de la Plume in Grignan is another gourmet alternative in the heart of the land of truffles and olives from Nyons.

Domaine Corps de Loup, between Condrieu and Côte-Rôtie

20 minutes from Vienna, a 25-year family history has resuscitated this forgotten area on the border of 2 renowned appellations. Domaine de Corps de Loup produces 9 ha of AOC Côte-Rôtie as well as a small plot of Condrieu. The vineyard is cultivated in terraces on the slopes facing the Rhône.
The old building of the estate welcomes visitors in the middle of a wooded park. In the friendly atmosphere of the cellar, tastings focus on a range of prestigious wines from Côte-Rôtie to Condrieu via Saint-Joseph.

Truffle caving at Domaine de Montine

It is no coincidence that the Montine wine estate cultivates its secrets of truffles on the outskirts of the Château de Grignan, Drôme Provençale is one of the leading truffle regions in France! The harvest of "Tuber Mélanosporum", this rare mushroom sought after for its gastronomic qualities, is here a tradition perpetuated for generations.
Every year, from December to March, visitors can follow Jean-Luc and observe his dog at work through the 3 ha of truffle oaks. Attending the "digging" of the truffle and the tasting that follows is a tasty experience!

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Blending workshop at the University of Wine

It is to the art of blending that the University of Wine of Suze-la-Rousse proposes to initiate amateurs. A 3-hour creation workshop supervised by an oenologist offers the opportunity not only to compose your own cuvée but also to plan its dressing ... It is a rich and original way to discover the different appellations of Côtes du Rhône, to taste and learn to identify the grape varieties and their characteristics, to play with aromatic ranges, textures and colors.

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"Daniel and Denise", a name for 3 corks ...

"Daniel and Denise" is the name of the 1st cap created there over 50 years in the district of Part-Dieu. Today Joseph and Françoise Viola manage 2 other establishments in the districts of Vieux-Lyon and Croix-Rousse.
There are therefore 3 corks, all listed Bib gourmand by the Michelin Guide, for a single chef, "Maître Ouvrier de France". His challenge? Combine the traditional character of the emblematic specialties of Lyon with the precision, finesse and high standards of gourmet cuisine. Regarding the menu, the bet is won! Pike quenelle with Nantua sauce, calf's head with ravigote sauce, tarte tatin with Saint-Genix praline… All accompanied by good wines and good humor.

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Praline and rosette, a unique Lyon experience

Praline et rosette is an innovative concept of visits to discover the city of Lyon in all its gourmet attractions. Sweet or savory “food tours” for the pleasure of tasting, finding good addresses, and meeting the best artisans. The formulas adapt to all appetites. For a "Little hunger", a "Great hunger" or "100% chocolate" the number of gourmet stopovers vary.
The “Tour des Halles” is a 2-hour stroll through the heart of Lyon's gastronomy with specialties and anecdotes on the program.

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Wine Tasting Truck

Original, educational and recreational, the Wine Tasting Truck is a somewhat vintage ride through the heart of the vineyards. A 1964 combi tour of about 2 hours takes you through the vineyards of Château de Julienas in the heart of Beaujolais. Accompanied by the winemaker of the estate, amateurs benefit from a detailed visit covering all the cycles of the vine before participating in a commented tasting. A tasty break that combines Château wines and local products.

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Huilerie Richard in Nyons, a family vocation

Founded in 1885, the Richard company is the story of a family tradition that has been passed down for generations. One of the mills is located in Nyons, home of the 1st AOP olive oil from France. It is here that since Antiquity grows "La Tanche", the traditional black olive which made the reputation of the Drôme Provençale and still makes the headlines every week on the Nyons market.
December and January are the best months to visit the mill, which is then in the midst of olive oil production. This allows you to witness the production live!

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Nougats, heritage and tradition

Soft or hard, black or white, traditional or flavored, nougats are among the famous national confectioneries. An ancestral know-how and materials of 1st choice from local guarantee the quality of all handicrafts.
Many workshops are open to the public. Visitors discover the stages of production, a tasting closes the course. Everywhere the scent of honey and toasted almonds that emanate from the copper cauldrons makes these visits beautiful gourmet experiences.
In Montélimar, the Arnaud Soubeyran company is one of the oldest factories.  The visit, complete with numerous teaching aids, is particularly instructive. The city's landscape also features Le Chaudron d'Or, a workshop attached to the tradition labeled "Living Heritage Company". Le Genêt d'Or in Vogüe also works from old recipes while discreetly mixing a few innovations with "homemade". 

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