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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is full of ideas to ensure a successful family holiday. A varied choice of destinations offers a multitude of activities, tours, excursions or attractions. In town, in the mountains, at the water’s edge, in the countryside or at the foot of volcanoes, everything is good to meet, marvel, share, laugh and have fun.
From Vulcania to Miniworld, from Walibi to the Crocodile Farm, the multiple theme parks, amusement parks or animal reserves combine playful approaches and sensations. To fill up with emotions and nature, canoeing, hiking with a donkey, bike ride, ascent to the Aiguille du midi or the Puy du Sancy, small trains, cable cars, footbridges … offer a thousand and one sources of adventure.
Castles, museums, caves and gardens with their educational routes, workshops or activities still have other surprises and wonderful discoveries in store.

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The Alps

A huge amusement park in the middle of the highest peaks! At all ages, getting as close as possible to the mythical Mont-Blanc massif is a wonder. All the visits are sources of unforgettable sensations.
Take the little red cogwheel train from Chamonix to safely reach the Mer de Glace, visit the Glaciorium and explore the fascinating world of glaciers or continue the journey even higher by cable car and enter the Ice Grotto. Plan the ascent to the Aiguille du midi and discover the Espace Mont-Blanc, the highest museum in the world. And for the more daring, dare to take a “Step into the void”. Walking into this panoramic all-glass room with 1000m of space under your feet is a dizzying experience.
At the heart of these alpine landscapes, the mountain resorts are also full of activities. In addition to skiing in winter, they offer a multitude of family leisure activities on sunny days. Summer tobogganing, tree climbing, climbing, mountain biking, swimming in lakes, not to mention hiking, the flagship activity in the mountains! And for a day of immersion in the middle of the mountain pastures, Parc Merlet is a dream space. On the program, walks and activities to meet the animal kingdom and mountain culture.

Lyon and its surroundings

In Lyon, birthplace of cinema, the museum of the Institut Lumière is not the only tribute to the 7th art. The double collection of the Miniature & Cinema Museum is the subject of a thrilling journey between the magic of special effects and the art of miniature, a concept unique in Europe.
There is only one step from these fascinating decorations reduced to Mini World in Lyon! Spread over 3,000 m² covered, this park shelters the reconstitution of different animated worlds. With its 1,000 buildings, 35,000 characters, its festival of lights, a Mini Lyon is the subject of a magical scenography. A permanent show that thrills young and old.
Discovering the city of Lyon with the family also means taking advantage of its very natural dimension and soft mobility. It means going down the Saône by vaporetto to reach the Musée des Confluences, crossing the Parc de la Tête d'Or by small train, exploring the African savannah of the zoological park, taking a pedal boat trip on the lake among the ducks ...
For more nature, the Parc des Oiseaux, 40 km in the heart of the Dombes, invites you to change of scenery. Numerous spaces and activities whet the passions of the youngest: Rift mini farm, recreational stops, cabins, labyrinth, Seed of healer session or Taste of the Savannah... With leisure activities for the little ones and thrills for the older ones, Walibi is the ideal place for families. 1 hour from Lyon, this park offers attractions, shows and a 13,000 m² water park, something to delight children!

The Drôme

An exotic trip, an unusual visit or a gourmet experience, the Drôme is an inexhaustible source of surprises for families.
A tropical reserve near the Rhône is surprising! In Pierrelatte, the Crocodile Farm is the largest animal park in Europe dedicated to the discovery of reptiles. No less than 600 animals evolve there in semi-freedom including, albino alligator, Nile crocodile, alligator turtle, python... With different animal events every day, activities for all ages, the visit of the site leaves an unforgettable memory.
In Hauterive, the original visit to the Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval is an astonishing curiosity. This house was built with stones and pebbles like a dream. Its abundant decor includes a fantastic bestiary to discover by exploring every nook and cranny of this imaginary country.
The Cité du Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-l'Hermitage is yet another asset of the Drôme. Taste experiences, educational approaches, interactive activities, at the heart of this gourmet empire, sensory immersions are also designed for the youngest. Here, it is forbidden not to taste chocolate!

The Ardèche

The Ardèche is a destination conducive to discovering an authentic and spectacular natural environment. For those who dream of a trip to meet wild and distant animals, the Peaugres Safari keeps its promises! A car safari in the North American forest or the African plain, a walking tour including a farm and educational trails, thematic areas, play areas… Everything contributes to the program of an unusual day.
To the south, the Ardèche gorges form a magnificent landscape from the famous natural arch of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. An atypical setting for beautiful days in nature with the family, with canoe trips and swimming. The wild nature of Ardèche nature is the scene of many other experiences, such as crossing the inaccessible landscapes of the narrow valley of the Doux by taking the little Ardèche steam train. A memorable trip!
The wealth of the underground world is also a source of wonder. The Chauvet 2 Cave attests to this, the largest decorated cave replica in the world. An exceptional site with a fun and interactive museum trail to discover the prehistoric world.


Trips to the summits with the Sancy cable car or the panoramic des Dômes (cogwheel train), breathtaking views from the highest point of the Massif central or the puy de Dôme, the spectacular world of volcanoes can be discovered in Auvergne. At the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Natural Park, multiple routes crisscross these grandiose landscapes. Perfect for a gentle immersion, hikes with a donkey allow you to cross the paths slowly, an original adventure popular with all children!
To answer all the questions about volcanoes, a few sites are essential. The Vulcania theme park covers the question! An ideal space to learn while having fun and filling up with emotions. With a train tour, attraction and 4D film, the Lemptégy Volcano completes this fun learning experience.
Rich volcanic lands of lakes, monuments and other sites, Auvergne is an inexhaustible source of leisure activities and discoveries. Swimming in the lake Chambon (2 labeled Blue Flag beaches!) Foray into medieval history at Château de Murol or fun and interactive journey along the Bibendum Michelin Adventure! Located in Clermont Ferrand, this museum space is devoted to the history of the famous tire company.

Moulins and its surroundings

With a rich historical and artistic heritage, the city of Moulins is a city where you will never get bored! Its very diversified museum offer can accommodate all audiences.
The Maison Mantin, a beautiful 19th century bourgeois residence bequeathed with its collections by a lover of all the arts, houses an improbable collection of precious objects and curiosities! A game booklet guides children through flint, fans, Empire coffee maker and stuffed birds... Installed in the Mora Hotel, the Illustrations Jeunesse Museum preserves 4,000 original plates and nearly 12,000 illustrated albums. Here, visits, workshops and readings welcome young audiences in a world full of stories and colors!
The first structure devoted to the tangible heritage of theaters, the National Center for Stage Costumes is a unique place. More than 10,000 theater, opera and ballet costumes as well as painted canvases are kept there.

The permanent collection dedicated to the star dancer Rudolf Nureyev, and the temporary exhibitions are the pretexts for many events. For the visit of children, a "Scene notebook" serves as a common thread and fun and creative workshops complete the discovery. An awakening program is even designed for babies, from 6 months!
If awareness of art and creation offers privileged moments with the family, it is the same for awakening times focused on nature and the environment. This is what the PAL offers, 30 minutes from the city, an atypical park, both an amusement park and an animal reserve. A leisure and games area focused on discovering biodiversity with attractions for all ages.

Annecy and its surroundings

Annecy, its lake and the surrounding Alps are a mine of inspiration for a very natural holiday. Cycling around the Lake is the first temptation! Pedaling along the banks, between crystal clear waters and alpine peaks, is a great getaway suitable for the greatest number. The 40 km route is mainly carried out on a greenway.
On the east bank, stands the Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard, a jewel of the Savoyard architectural heritage. Remodeled over the centuries, this old medieval fortress houses exceptional furniture, an extremely rich library and some fascinating details such as this 15 m long serving hatch carved into the rock ...
10 km from Annecy, the Gorges du Fier guarantee a spectacular moment, between sensational visit and geological discovery. A 252 m footbridge is built along the canyon hollowed out by one of the main rivers of Haute-Savoie. Hikers thus progress 25 m above the river, eddies, boulders and giant pots.
Towards the Swiss border, the Cirque du Fer à Cheval (Horseshoe Circus) offers a breathtaking landscape. Classified as a Grand Site de France, it is the largest alpine mountain circus. Waterfalls, forests, meadows, fauna and flora give it the appearance of paradise. An end of the world accessible to all! Some hiking loops are even suitable for strollers.

Grenoble and its surroundings

With the massifs which surround it, Grenoble is a region of reliefs suitable for countless walks. The numerous equipments multiply the ideas and the sensations. Starting with the cable car that overlooks the Grenoble area, one of the first urban cable cars in the world! This beautiful journey in the air provides access to the Bastille. Up there, in addition to the Fort and the exceptional panorama, the acrobatic courses of the Acrobastille add a few bursts of adrenaline to the adventure.
Another unusual experience, an hour from the city, is a tour of the Himalayan footbridges of Lake Monteynard-Avignonet! Between the blues of the lake and the landscapes of Matheysine and Trièves, this superb hike awakens all the senses. The 12.5 km loop includes the crossing of the lake by boat and the safe passage of the 2 footbridges overlooking the waters at 45 and 85 m by 180 and 220 m.
After a long interruption, the Petit Train de la Mure (first electrified line in the world!) Is back in service... The red wagons hoist visitors in 40 minutes to Monteynard. An exotic ascent that is worth the detour and continues on foot to reach the belvedere. The view then plunges onto Lake Monteynard, one of the most important dams in France.

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