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Truyère’s canyons and valley A « picturesque and wonderful » spot counting among marvellous french’s sceneries

In the XIXth century, the growth of hydroelectricity changing a raging river. Since, the water is snaked in a splending setting. The strength of landscapes shaping by human and preserving their wild’s nature, has catched State’s attention, who instituted one conservation’s proceedings, for 2004. The Truyère’s canyons, lined with three big lakes, are spanning with style by the famous Garabit’s bridge, works of Gustave Eiffel. They offer gripping landscapes where the wild nature has expressed oneself fully. After many years of research and consultation, since the 22th December 20200 by the State, Truyère’s canyons and valley are counting now among marvellous french’s sceneries as a “conservation area” by the State.

Truyère’s canyons and valley is the 4th conservating area of the Cantal.

In such its surface, that’s the first conservating area of the Cantal, and the third conservating area of  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


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