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Le “chemin du petit bonheur”: 50 km of roaming

Le Chemin du petit bonheur is an ancestral track that goes from village to village throughout the Haute Maurienne Vanoise. The origin of its name was lost, even if some inhabitants assure that it would have been so called by the boys of Lanslebourg who took this forest path to discreetly join the girls of the next village… Always used by the inhabitants to go from one village to another, the path of small happiness above all offers a pleasant and easy walk in the middle of nature which is unanimously appreciated by tourists and locals. A way to go on foot, by bike or on horseback in its entirety over 1 or 2 days.

NEW – A herringbone walkAlong the way, the new developments – carried out by local companies – are an invitation to moments of little pleasures and carefree experiences to enjoy with the family: giant picnic tables, solariums, cabins for taking a break and playing with the family, swings in the middle of the forest, sylvotherapy lounges to rest or recharge your batteries in contact with the trees…Raw alder walking sticks cut locally and marked “Le chemin du petit bonheur” were also scattered throughout thepath: for walkers to find them, to walk with them, before resting them or keeping them for an authentic and natural souvenir.

Departure from Modane station.


solarium : Dylan Cuvelier OT HMV

Porte d’entrée chemin du petit bonheur : Adèle Berault CCHMV

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