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Randonnée sur le Puy Mary (15)
© P. Soissons/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme
A team at your service

At your service

Need help creating products in the region? Boosting your sales? Discovering the region? Or are you just looking for information? Whether you’re a tour operator, journalist, or influencer, an international team is available for information, organising travel, training, marketing or digital partnerships, fam trips, and press trips. See you soon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes!

A dedicated team by country

Photo d'Irène Tronchet
Irène TRONCHETNetherlands, Belgium

Mail: i.tronchet@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Anissa GUENFOUDGreat Britain, Scandinavia, Spain

Mail: a.guenfoud@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Photo de Corinne Renard
Corinne RENARDAmericas, Israel

Mail: c.renard@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Photo de Rachel Gregoris
Rachel GREGORISAsia, Middle-East

Mail: r.gregoris@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Barbara BREHERETIndia

Mail: b.breheret@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Isabelle JAMSON / Изабель ЖАМСОН Представитель Комитета по Туризму региона Овернь–Рона-Альпы, Россия-СНГ

Mail: isabelle.jamson@gmail.com 

Camille Lili QIN 秦丽莉中国市场

Mail: chine@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

A dedicated team by theme

Isabelle FAUREGourmet & wine tourism

Mail : i.faure@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Photo de Caroline Chouvy
Caroline CHOUVYOutdoor activities and touring

Mail : C.Chouvy@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Lawrence DUVAL-MONFORTSpa and Well-being

Mail : l.duval@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

Photo de Christian Douchement
Christian DOUCHEMENTWinter sport

Mail : c.douchement@auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com

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