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Galettes de Crozets à la Tome des Bauges et Vin de Savoie
© Beegoo/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, a gourmet region and a land of wines

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is a must-visit region for gastronomy and local products. Mountain pastures, orchards and vineyards come together for France’s richest harvest. The quality, diverse products are found in the dishes of the region’s many chefs and restaurants.

Fromages d'Auvergne AOP
© J. Damase/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

Rich and diverse local products

Discover a myriad of AOP products (Appellation of Protected Origin) in the region (a total of 79) including Bresse poultry, Ardèche chestnuts, Grenoble walnuts, Nyons olives, Puy lentils and Mézenc Fin Gras beef. The region is also France's largest cheese platter, with 21 AOP cheeses like Saint Nectaire, Cantal, Bleu d'Auvergne, Fourme d'Ambert, Salers, Beaufort, Abondance and Picodon.

Wines and waters: for a perfect pairing, lovers of all things gourmet have a wide choice of wines, with Côtes d’Auvergne, Côtes du Rhône, Saint Pourçain and wines from Savoie, served alongside mineral water from Vichy, Badoit, Châteldon, Volvic or Evian.


The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is also renowned for its organic products. The number of organic farms has doubled in the last 10 years and Drôme is France's leading department in the sector with more than 500 organic farms.*

 *Sources: INAO (number of AOP products) and Agreste Auvergne Rhône-Alpes


Restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon, 3* Michelin - Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid (43)
© P. Soissons/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

Top quality dining

In 2018, the region had 28,900 restaurants, with 60% of them serving traditional cuisine. Culinary excellence has always been an important element for our chefs and restaurant owners. It's both the quality and quantity of our local products that explain the gourmet reputation of Lyon and of the region, with 94 Michelin-starred chefs in 2020 (2nd region behind Paris Ile-de-France), including eight 3-star chefs: Paul Bocuse, Georges Blanc, Régis Marcon, Anne Sophie Pic (the only woman with 3 stars in France!) Emmanuel Renaut, Michel Troisgros, René and Maxime Meilleur, Yannick Alléno and Laurent Petit.


Many quality networks for restaurants reinforce Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes's reputation as a gourmet region: Bistrots de Pays, Bistrots Beaujolais, Bouchons Lyonnais, Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, Toqués d’Ardèche, Toques d’Auvergne, Bienvenue à la Ferme, Accueil Paysan and more.


Finally, around 400 km of the Nationale 7 pass through the region (of the 1000 km that make up this legendary route), from Villeneuve-sur-Allier to Pierrelatte. The highway is dotted with renowned Michelin-starred restaurants: Troisgros in Roanne, Bocuse in Lyon, La Pyramide (formerly Chef Point and now Chef Henriroux) in Vienne and Pic in Valence. A historic road combining tourism and great gastronomy since 1936.

Photo panoramique de l'Hermitage
© fbccp.com - Studio Claude Fougeirol

The Vallée de la Gastronomie - France ®

The Vallée de la Gastronomie is a new tourist destination, an invitation to gourmet trips. Between Dijon and Marseille, it crosses the rich terroirs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. From the ponds of the Dombes to the olive groves of the Drôme, it follows the axis of the Rhône and walks among the vineyards.
A mosaic of landscapes, traditions and know-how, this land of taste and flavors is an unprecedented source of discovery. A picnic in the vineyards, an exceptional table, a visit to an oil mill or a truffle market… Hundreds of gourmet offers and remarkable experiences are selected to arouse the taste buds and curiosity.
Advocating authenticity, quality and simplicity, these sensory adventures are aimed at all lovers of good living.

© Inter Rhône

The many strengths of wine tourism

The major characteristic Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes’s wine-growing regions is the diversity of landscapes (vineyards in the mountains, in the plains or on hillsides), which results in diverse soils and grape varieties. These strengths have forged the international reputation of the region's wine production. At the heart of the region, Lyon is the gateway to three large wine-growing areas: Beaujolais, Côtes du Rhône and the wines of Savoie. A location that contributed to the city earning its title of the world capital of gastronomy.


The region has a total of 10 vineyards: the Rhône Valley, Beaujolais, Savoie, Coteaux du Lyonnais, Bugey, Diois, Côte Roannaise, Côtes du Forez, Côtes d’Auvergne, Saint Pourçain and 43 AOP wines. All along the roads around these vineyards, passionate winemakers and expert oenologists are ready to share their know-how and introduce you to their wines with a tasting!


Ten territories now have the label "Vignobles & Découvertes" in the region, providing visitors with impeccable hospitality in wine tourism. All the tourism professionals work together for an optimal wine discovery: accommodation, restaurants, cultural sites and of course the wineries and vineyards (400 wineries in the region have committed to a quality approach to hospitality with either a charter or a label).


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