Workshop photo / watercolor - Turn your photos into watercolors

Guided tour • Gastronomy • Photography  

Over two half days, you will be accompanied by me on a nature walk and then in a practical workshop (exterior or interior) by the painter CAT KARTAL to transform your photos into watercolors.


74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Telephone: 06 08 95 89 42



Opening date
From Friday 27 to Saturday 28 April 2018. From Thursday 14 to Friday 15 June 2018.

From 27/04 to 28/04/2018
Adult: 100 €.

From 14/06 to 15/06/2018
Adult: 100 €.


Additional information

Discover the Chamonix valley with your camera or smart-phone, then transform your best images into a series of watercolours.

This Workshop consists of TWO half-days of photography & watercolour sessions :

- The first half-day, with photographer TERESA KAUFMAN, is devoted to capturing dynamic and well-composed images in a natural setting chosen spefically for its photogenic quality.

- The next half day, with watercolour artiste CAT KARTAL, is devoted to discovering – or perfecting – your personal creativity and the technique of turning your photographs into signature paintings.

Why should a photographer want to do this workshop ?

Not only will he/she discover the hidden treasures and confidential spots of a professional photographer of Chamonix but he will most likely progress in the field of visual perspective and composition as he applies his way of seeing to his future art work.

Why should a watercolour painter want to do this workshop ?

Historically, artists, notably the impressionists, have often used photography to capture the scenes which they, then, transformed into paintings. The photographer, TERESA KAUFMAN, encourages artists to concentrate on their photo composition in order to have a stronger base for their paintings.
CAT KARTAL will then take you one step further towards the final step of your personal interpretation from the photos captured to the actual sketch and watercolour onto paper.

Minimum required - 3 people. Ask for the details and the description of this workshop.
The photo-watercolor workshops can also be organized for individuals in private. Reservation required: +33 (0) 6 08 95 89 42

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No information available

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