Carillon concert

Guided tour • Historic  

Guided tour of the first Carillon of Haute-Savoie and its harmoniums. The tour ends in the bells room.


74440 Taninges

Telephone: 04 50 34 25 05



Opening date
Sunday 15 April 2018 at 3.15 PM. Thursday 17 May 2018 at 2.30 PM. Thursday 31 May 2018 at 2.30 PM. From 19/06 to 21/08/2018, every Tuesday at 6 PM. From 04/09 to 18/09/2018, every Tuesday at 6 PM.

Free of charge.


Additional information

It is a surprising place. During your ascent in the bell tower, you will find a small museum with objects and harmoniums collection. There's also a big screen to watch slide shows during the visits.
The public can admire the impressive skeleton of the church and the room of the keyboard with his terraces, where the visitors take a seat to listen to the carillon. The visit ends with the oak belfry, 200 years old where are settled 40 bells and three other bells (for hours, angelus and for religious ceremonies).

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