Guided visit : Treasure of Combloux"

Guided tour • Habitat • Historic  

Spend some time as a family and discover how the inhabitants of Combloux used to live. This visit around an old farm is like taking a step back in time, and will show you not only what was their daily lives, but what they used to wear and how they celebrated their traditions, then the ecological lake and the Palace PLM.


49 Chemin des Passerands
74920 Combloux

Telephone: 04 50 58 60 49



Opening date
From 29/01 to 31/03/2019, every Tuesday between 2.30 PM and 4 PM.

Adult: 7 €, Child (7-14 years): 5 €.

Payment methods
Bank/credit card
Chèques Vacances


Additional information

During this guided visit, you will discover important episods of the history of Combloux which forged its destiny. La Ferme à Isidore : Long time ago, when rural and religious life were indissociable. 1832 Authentic farm, built following ancestral traditions, with local materials. The entrance, named "Cortonne" is used to access the "peille" (shared room), then to "dzan" (kitchen) where is the monumental "beurne" (pyramid shaped chimney, 9m high, formerly used to smoke pork meat). "Le boeu à les gens" (main room where family lived), and the "boeu de le" (stable where was sheltered at most 4 cows, 2 pigs, chickens and rabbits). Avant-garde house, because the "cacati" (toilet) was already connected to the house.
You will start with the PLM building, at the entrance of the village. Built in 1909 by a rich Swiss owner under the name of "Hôtel du Mont-Blanc", it was bought in 1923 by the PLM corporation (Paris, Lyon, Méditerrannée). They transformed and extended it from 50 to 200 rooms.

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