A great experience on ViaRhôna for Bike and Trekking

Published date: 08 juillet 2016

Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Ain, Rhone, Isere, Drome, Ardeche, Vaucluse, Gard, Herault. Each of these French regions on its own sounds like a delightful holiday in the sun, the ViaRhona connects them all.
In april of this year we cycled the ViaRhona from start to finish. From the shores of Lake Geneva to the beaches of the Mediterrean. Cycling so early in the season, especially this year,  the sun let us down on some days. But still there was more than enough to enjoy. The beauty and quietness of the French countryside, the friendly bonjours which welcomed us when we cycled through small villages. The excellent French food and the even better wine. The cultural heritage of more than 2000 years of civilisation beside the modern architecture in the big city of Lyon. 
As you can read on the site (http://en.viarhona.com/) the route is not yet completed. But we didn?t find the provisonal parts too difficult to cycle, with the exception of the 23 kilometers between Lyon and Givors, where we had to take the train. For those who have limited time or on a rainy day, most of the route gives the possibility to board a train and skip a few, or more, kilometres.
Except for the first four stages from Geneva, where you encounter some serious climbing, we found the ViaRhona easy riding and fit for all kind of cyclists of all ages.

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